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Acoustic 2×4 ceiling tiles are often associated with schools and office buildings-a potential problem when the space in question is actually a part of your home. Many homeowners who want to update their living space look up and add spice to the room by renovating the old industrial ceiling tiles. There are a handful of options when it comes to dealing with this project, and the good news is that they can all be done at a low cost.

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The fastest and easiest way to change the entire look of a tiled roof is to apply a coat of fresh paint. Paint is the easiest way to decorate your 2×4 ceiling tiles. You can use white paint, latex paint, or even color that replicates the look of metal. This can either be done by letting the roof professionally sprayed, or it can be done by hand. If you choose to do the work yourself, every tile be carefully removed and laid on a flat surface away from sunlight. Apply an inner class latex paint in any color one layer at a time, allowing each layer to dry before a new one. When the plates are dry, they are ready to be popped back into place in the ceiling.

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Inexpensive casting tapes are available at most home improvement stores, and can be easily cut to fit the tiles with a miter saw set at a 45-degree angle. The casting can then be attached to the plates with glue or staples. You can also add molding strips before painting the 2×4 ceiling tiles to give the impression of a coffered ceiling pricey at low cost. Background applied on plates in the same way as you would on a wall, or it can be stapled or pinned in place. Fancy furniture tacks can do the job easily and allows you to tack the paper right to the exposed side of the plate. Be careful when using wallpaper not oversaturated plates with water, as this can lead to warping and discoloration.

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Old scarves, shawls, and the strip can be cut slightly larger than the plates’ dimensions to create a mosaic, or new fabric can be purchased in color and pattern you choose. Fabric is an excellent choice for acoustic 2×4 ceiling tiles, as it will not change the roof is sound insulation capacity road color maybe. in addition, the fabric stapled to the plates from the back, making it quick and easy to change your interior design changes along the way.


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