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A pivoting toilet paper holder provides an easier way to load the toilet paper on the holder than traditional spring-loaded toilet paper holder does. One side of the pivoting arm that holds the paper roll lifts up so you can slide the roll on the arm. When you slide the roller on the arm, you lower arm lower back down to the stationary arm holder. This keeps the toilet paper on the holder. If you’re building or remodeling a portion or all of your home, there are many complex decisions to make.

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The most important factor to consider when determining the appropriate height for your pivoting toilet paper holder is the height of your toilet. If your toilet is particularly high or low, you should adjust the toilet paper holder accordingly. The standard height of a toilet is 14 inches from the floor to the top of the toilet bowl and 15 inches for the seat of the toilet. This means that the toilet paper holder should be about 16-17 inches from the floor if you have a common toilet, so that it is easily accessible for anyone using the bathroom. If you hang it much lower, it will force the person to bend down unnecessarily and too much higher, forcing the user to lift his hand up.


Aside from being placed at a suitable height, you should also make sure that the pivoting toilet paper holder right next to the toilet. While achieving higher or lower would not be a big thing, having to get up to go to the toilet is very inconvenient. If the toilet is located in the middle of the bathroom and there is no wall to put the bracket, consider buying a standing toilet paper holder that will go right next to the toilet.

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Not all pivoting toilet paper holder are created equal. Some are intricately designed and some are plain; some are colored, while others are simply black or white. Additionally, some only fit a small or thin roll of toilet paper, while others can squeeze in a big, thick roll. If you prefer the thick, soft kind of toilet paper, measure a full roll inside your carrier to ensure that it can fit, and the paper may roll when pulled. If it can’t, you should either replace your holder with a broader one, or invest in a standing holder, that has no pages to limit the size of the roll.


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