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Rubber stair tread can be used to cover wooden, concrete or terrazzo step. They provide sure footing and help prevent falls, and when installed correctly, they dampen footsteps in noisy stairs. They also come in a variety of colors and styles. With the right glue and epoxy nose caulk, they are easy to install but you need to prepare some material and tools like broom, mop, chisel or crowbar. Don’t leave to painting tools like paint strippers, paintbrush, paint scraper. And you need to trowel, substrate composite, Syl, metal ruler, linoleum knife, 2-part epoxy nose caulk, rubber flooring adhesives and the rubber hand roller.

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After that all prepared now time to rock and roll. First, move the rubber stair tread within 48 hours prior to installation and keep them in a room with a temperature of at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Sweep staircase with a broom to remove dust and dirt, so mop. Brush on a thick layer of paint strippers to remove any paint or varnish on the step. Wait for the paint and varnish bubbles about half an hour and scrapes the old paint or varnish with a paint scraper. Repair any cuts or cracks on the stairs by trowel surfaces composite in them and scratching the surface.

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Add rubber stair tread on the stairs, so they are tight against the step nosing and marked with an awl, where they should be trimmed for depth and breadth. Trim each tread by positioning a metal ruler along the scribe mark and the excess cut away with knife linoleum. Trowel epoxy nose caulk on the nose of each step. Spread it evenly so steps will fit snugly and will not crack. Paint rubber flooring adhesive on the step surface and nosing, starting at the top step and working your way down.


Put rubber stair tread in place. Start by pressing it firmly against the nose, then slowly work their way up the road from front to back. Run a hand roll over each tread to secure it and keep the tread nosing mounted close to the step nosing. The tips and warnings for you use denatured alcohol to clean the excess glue or nose caulk from the steps before it dries. Stay off the rubber steps for at least 24 hours. Make sure the room is properly ventilated before working with nose caulk and glue. Happy decorating your lovely home, do everything with love.

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