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Towel valet, or rack, must be waterproof and stout to withstand water, chemicals and constant use. A pool towel valet should also have four or more arms to keep wet towels and a stable base to keep it upright when towels required. A suitable material for this pipe because it is a durable plastic that is easily accessible and cheap. A do-it-yourselfers can do a good pool towel valet in one afternoon. You can never have too many towels and the entire better when they are readily available. It may not seem as if you have any room left in your bathroom for towel storage, but there’s more space than you think.

Posted on November 24, 2016 Home Inspiration

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Sharpen the cutting ends pipe to remove jagged edges or burrs. Wipe with a tack cloth to remove dust. Place two-foot lengths of pipe in the four holes in a five-way switch located on the same plane. The pipes should form an X shape with the fifth hole of the perpendicular to the X contact. Placing an end cap on each of the free ends of the four pipes forming X. Now you have the base of the towel valet.


Place the base on the ground so that the empty hole in the plug pointing upward. Place the four-foot length of pipe in the empty hole. Four-foot portion of the tube forming the trunk of towel rails. Place a cross-connect on the four-foot pipe. There should be a blank hole of cross-connect points upwards and two holes pointing in the opposite direction perpendicular to the four-foot part of the pipe.

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Ways a two foot length of pipe in all the holes of the cross-connector pointing to the side. Place an end cap at the end of each of these tubes. Now you have lower levels towel rack weapons. Ways a foot long pipe into the final hole of the cross-connect; make the towel valet a foot longer. Place a three-way coupling on top of this part of the tube, to ensure that two of the openings pointing to the side from the stem of the towel valet. Also make sure the two side openings of the connector are perpendicular to those of cross-contact. Insert a two-foot length of pipe in the side openings of the three-way connector and position the end hooks of the two tubes. This forms the top level of towel rack arms. Now you have a towel valet who has four arms pointing in four directions for use.

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