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Faux orchid arrangements – Believe it or not, orchid is one of easiest flowers to grow and care. It is a fairly strong tropical plant, so it is ideal to have it at home. Just give dose of light and humidity and apply following tips and tricks that we recommend below. There are 30,000 pure species and about 140,000 hybrids of different shapes and colors. To get started, choose easiest to care for, i.e. which is able to stay at home without too much temperature difference between day and night, moderate humidity and average brightness.

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Ideally, do it in a relatively humid place, with lots of light but no direct sun. Faux orchid arrangements need plenty of ventilation. For example, Phalaenopsis we put before such does not need direct light, so you can put a little away from window or facing north or east site. Seasonality is very important, so we recommend that in summer asides of window if day is very hot. It is also possible to put it on balcony if it is not exposed to direct sunlight and if temperature does not drop to 8 ° C. ideal temperature to maintain orchid is between 17 ° C and 23 ° C.

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How faux orchid arrangements watered? It is not recommended to water it daily, with once every ten days is sufficient. It is important to let soil dry out between watering. Excessive humidification can encourage fungal growth or cause root rot. In case of leaves, it is not advisable wet them, so use a vaporizer with no hard water, for rainwater, not monks heart leaves. In event that monks, dry them immediately with a clean cloth. Once a week, moistens roots of your orchid . Fills a basin of water and completely immerses base of plant. Let it soak a few minutes until air bubbles and then run out, let it drain. In this way you allow moisten their roots and oxygenate plant.


Normally, with transplanting orchid every two years it is enough. No need to use too deep pot. Orchid roots need aerated, so that mixture should be light transplantation. Uses a special compound for orchids that you will find in garden centers or nurseries, consisting of polystyrene and pine bark. We recommend that when transplanting not use too much fertilizer, it is only necessary that once you add a little of this month, yes, specifically for faux orchid arrangements. And be careful! You take care of your plant from attack by harmful bugs, pests such as aphids, mites and mealy bugs can be harmful for your orchid, so we recommend using specific insecticides for such plants.

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