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Fainting couches – If your final option is a leather sofa or fabric sofa, we believe in offering you the benefit of our broad and impartial knowledge. The following information is provided to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of leather sofas and fabric and therefore make an informed decision. The durability of leather sofas cannot be denied by those who are familiar with them, but years of faithful service may represent a worn sofa, faded and distressed looking. Light hardheadedness or loss of original color of the skin, often caused by cleaning solutions used and exposure to sunlight. Maintaining your leather sofa can often delay the process of wear, but eventually happen. Once it does, is quite simple leather sofa restore to its original color.

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Instructions: Clean your fainting couches with a sponge moistened with a solution of mild dish detergent dissolved in warm water. All dirt, body oil, food stains and other contaminants must be removed so that the dye solution adheres properly to the leather. Apply a layer of skin preparation solution for the whole sofa with a soft cloth and then wipe the surface of the skin gently to open the pores. Work in small sections so that the solution does not dry the skin before you finish with it. It allows the sofa to dry completely, which usually takes between 15 minutes to an hour.

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Sand the skin gently scratching the surface slightly. Avoid deep abrasion leather and require more repairs. Too much pressure will cause scratches on the leather sofa. The seams of bed may begin to fray if sand on them, so working near them, but no sand on them. Clean the sanding dust from the fainting couches with a slightly damp sponge and dry the material. Spray a light, even layer of the color layer leather on the couch working on a section at a time. This works best if you work in a predefined section; for example, a pad or an arm at once. Spraying long movements will allow completely cover the area without overlap or skip places.

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Apply three layers of color to restore the fainting couches to its original color, allowing the stain to dry between applications. Leave the sofa stay unchanged for 48 hours. Massage leather conditioner on the whole sofa with a soft, lint-free cloth. Use a generous amount of conditioner, ensuring that cover the cracks and seams of the bed, too.


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