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PVC decking reviews – PVC decking has been available since 1989. The popularity of PVC decking stems from that it deemed to require little or no maintenance, while wood decking requires regular attention. Cedar decking, while more expensive, tend to be longer and lower maintenance costs than most another wood decking. The main difference between the PVC and cedar decking has to do with how long the material past. Unlike PVC, wood can warp or rot and are subject to damage from insects. That said, cedar is a wood that is naturally resistant to rot and insects.

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PVC decking reviews require much less maintenance than cedar decking does. All wood decking requires regular cleaning and resealing. The PVC decking does not have to be closed again. PVC decking can be cleaned easily with a pressure washer. Power washing wood deck removes the softer wood and is therefore not recommended. Building a deck out of cedar is a more straightforward than building one in PVC. The process of joining PVC tire pieces is involved. Some PVC decking is more flexible than wood and therefore require more support. When PVC decking is cut, the sawdust is cleaned up and had a tendency, as it will not decompose. Cedar sawdust will degrade.

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Cedar decking almost universally considered far more attractive than PVC decking, notes Tim Carter, author of the nationally syndicated column “Ask the Builder.” Some people think the reflective quality of certain PVC decking reviews offensive, notes Carter. If you are considering a particular type of decking, Carter recommends first taking a look at a deck made of this material on a day when the sun shines on it.


Wood generally feels better than PVC, but with wood, you do run the risk of splinters. Under sunlight PVC decking gets much hotter than wood, even to the point of discomfort on bare feet. This applies to all PVC decking, including lighter colors, but is especially true for the darker colors. PVC decking tends to be slippery when wet. That’s why John D. Wagner of This Old House recommends that you choose non-slip boards when buying PVC decking. The price of a cedar deck and a PVC deck is comparable when including the cost of labor and materials. Variations in the various kinds of PVC decking are available. Some PVC decking reviews is made from recycled PVC, and some are not. Non-recycled PVC decking performs better and is more expensive.

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