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48 inch white bathroom vanity, while it is an important part of your bathroom décor, can often be boring or just utilitarian. But your 48 inch white bathroom vanity can help you make an interior design statement, depending on the type of material you use for it. The bathroom vanity choices do not stop at the big box hardware store. A vanity top should be as original as you are.

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You may be tempted to buy your vanity top news from a home design store, but you can find great vanity tops while looking in antique shops for items that can be repurposed into interesting vanity for your home. An antique sideboard is just deep enough that you can cut out a hole for the sink and let one in, but the bottom is visible from the front. Similarly, an antique dresser feels rich and traditionally as a vanity. Just make sure you seal the top good to prevent water damage to the wood.

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The minimalist, modern style has become more popular, especially with homes that have small spaces. The bathroom is often one of the areas where builders tend to skimp on space, making it the perfect place for decorating in modern style. 48 inch white bathroom vanity tops are clean, straight lines and lots of storage, so no toiletries stored on top. Bet on a glass-top vanity, so it gives the illusion of extra space with light passing through it. Or choose a square vanity with plenty of storage and clean lines so your bathroom is not cluttered with products, toothbrushes and soap.white-bathroom-vanities


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One thing that can really ruin how your bathroom looks rubbish on vanity tops. It is therefore organizing it can make your bathroom appear more open, cleaner and more sophisticated. The Container Store offers small containers with dividers that are clear and chic; with spaces for all those little things have a way of finding themselves on your vanity top. Use one to store your cosmetics neatly on top, or get one that can keep all your jewelry in check. Look for small baskets or containers that you can use to put extra toiletries in keeping your vanity top looks neat and clean.

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Set the tone of your bathroom design with a distinctive vanity. The vanity is often a focal point in the bathroom; mark your with colored glass, tile or old fashioned charm. Whether your style is traditional, eclectic, contemporary, rustic or modern, you can modify an existing vanity or furniture that fits the aesthetic.

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