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Redwood swing sets are made of red -toned California redwood, which withers well off. These devices are more expensive than metal swings, but you can start with a small swing set and add new modules later. Redwood is a lightweight wood, which makes it easier to install, but you may need to anchor the supports for the smaller sets or heavier children. Manicured redwood swings can be and look good for more than a decade. Building your own tree swing is easy with the right tools, materials and knowledge. Assess the safety of the tree and your ability to build strong components before the project.

Posted on November 21, 2016 Home Ideas

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The main point is a redwood that big and strong enough for a redwood swing sets. Select a tree that has a large branch more than 10 inches in diameter and extends over a transparent section to allow for the operation of the swing. The position of the swing can be constructed of redwood. Measure the distance down from the tree branch projected at the bottom of the swing’s seat and allows overages to determine the amount of 3/4 inch manila or polypropylene required.


You need some power tools to make redwood swing sets, a handsaw or electric circular saw, drill with appropriate size pieces and a screwdriver or power driver. You also need sandpaper, a tape measure, a wood rasp, fasteners and fittings and screws, a brush and paint. The position of the swing from a timber or two or more pieces glued together with wood glue. Design seat with a hole at each end of a rope. Another option is to make a circular area with a rope connected through a hole in the city directly on the seat. In this case, the individual with the swing straddles rope pulls and has greater flexibility in movement. Grind the seat to give it a smooth surface.

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Choose a rope with sufficient strength to support the person who will use the redwood swing sets. Check the rating of the rope on the manufacturer’s package. Loop one end of the rope over the tree and tie up with a Bowline knot.  Knot used to create a loop that does not slide at the end of a piece of the rope. If you use a rectangular spot, drill the wire rope through the holes in the sides, and tie off with Bowline knot. For a circular place, the rope into the center hole, and tie up with a Bowline knot.


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