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Extra wide dog gates – A pet gate is exactly that, a small door with enough space for a dog that can be installed in one of your doors or walls at the right height so that your dog can get in and out without assistance. A dog gate allows your dog to exercise and get out escaping the bad weather. It is very convenient for you and can be very useful if you live in a very old or sick dog, which can not control his bladder and can not wait until you get to open the door. But of course, one of its best features is that it allows the dog into the house without barking to get your attention which allows you to appease your neighbors.

Posted on November 30, 2016 Home Inspiration


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Anyone who has had a pet that demand to be let in and out of the house seventeen times a day knows how irritating it is, especially because your pet deliberately waiting until you’re in the middle of a project. The best solution is to build extra wide dog gates to yours can come and go as you please.  Determines how big will the dog gate you need to build. Its size is determined by your pet.

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Extra wide dog gates cut your rubber mats shaped rectangle. When courts note that they must be smaller than the hole you will cut into the wall. After cutting the mats, you need to glue them together. Glue only along the perimeter. Place the short magnetic tape along the edge of the carpet will look in your home. Once aligned, use glue to hold it in place. Pinches both metal strips on the inner side of the edge are outside. When this is done, you should use the cement to attach the edge to the core of the door. When a fabric on the door, you have to ensure you have a flap on top and several inches at the bottom.


Extra wide dog gates, aligns carpets with the hole in the door. Before tightening the carpet, make sure the inner edge can be pushed out. Place your wood screws around the perimeter of the carpet, positioning each at a distance of about 3 inches other. Drill holes through your tape aluminum. The holes should be 2-1 / 4 inches from each other and should have a diameter of 11/64 inch. One tape to the top edge of the hole. Aluminum acts as a stop. Fabric covers exposed at the bottom of the opening by sticking a magnetic tape through his. This is the final step in making your pet outside flap, all that remains is to finish the inside of the pet door.

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