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Frameless shower door seal – Shower doors have been developed like any other design elements in today’s bathrooms. If you are remodeling or building a full bath, chances are that you will be tempted by the attractive design choices. Order a frameless shower door seal a bit like building an addition. Measure your shower doors opening, wait to measure the doors when the shower installation is complete. The doors should be the last thing that you order. Individual plates may vary in thickness, as the amount thin set behind each. The finished edges may be out of plumb 1/4 or even 1/2 inch, which has implications for the specifications of the frameless shower door, will be installed.

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How best to measure frameless shower door seal? Getting an accurate measure the width of the opening at three different places: the bottom, middle and finally the top. If you have a variance of 3/16 “or more at one of these, you should get quotes for a professional to do measurements and installation. Decide if you want a Swing Door, French or sliding doors. This is an aesthetic (and economic) choice, but it drives the rest of the order. More glass and less metal (frameless) gives a more open, modern look to the shower. If you select a revolving door, the next decision is how wide the door should be and how it will turn up. Whether you have one or more side panels depends on the overall width of the opening and door size you choose.

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Select standard or extra height of the glass. Frameless shower door seal doors in general 72 “to 84” high, but you can drive all the way to the glass ceiling if you want. You will pay a premium for the extra height, not only for the additional surfaces of glass, but also for the type and number of hinges required on a larger door and possibly the thickness of the glass.


It will be tempered safety glass. It will probably be 3/8 “thick. And it can be coated with the support to keep it clean. But there are more options! Your glass can be clear, crystal clear, textured, patterned, frosted, beveled, it may have blasted motifs.  Apparently shower doors are now an art form! Pivots and hinges, knobs or handles and towel bar handles are part of the frameless shower door seal ordering and installation.  There is no uniform metal finish of manufacturers. Brushed nickel look different from one line to the next. Accept this and get the best possible match. Do not expect perfection.

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