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Prefabricated granite countertops are very popular material used in kitchen countertops because of its durability. Because it is a natural stone is granite quarried from around the world. The cost of granite varies depending on several factors – such as the type of granite used – but on average, the cost of granite ranging anywhere from $ 50 to $ 100 per square meter. Granite is valued for its aesthetics and its functionality. It is a relatively expensive material to use for kitchen countertops, but has many advantages because it is low maintenance, heat and scratch resistant and extremely durable. Granite is also a sanitary material which is especially useful for countertops because the stone is sealed, it is not very porous and bacteria and mold will not get into it.

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Prefabricated granite countertops are usually made of natural granite. Crude Granite slabs have been reduced to the standard bench sizes with diamond saws and edges are rounded or bull nosed with diamond abrasives. Prefabricated Granite comes in the usual selection of colors and sizes. Some had holes cut out for the standard size sinks and their cranes.  The type of granite used can affect the price tremendously. Granite is grouped in three levels, where the most popular and rarest patterns are the most expensive. The rarer types of granite, such as those with a blue tone, are usually more expensive. The thickness of the plates also affects the price. Granite typically measure 3 cm in thickness on average, but can be as thin as 2 cm. The thinner the piece, the cheaper price.

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Prefabricated granite countertops can come in tiles or in a giant plate. Granite tiles are smaller pieces of granite which is a cheap option for countertops. Grout and mortar are not required for installation; instead, the plates in with epoxy. A disadvantage of this option is that it increases the amount of stitches on your countertops, which can be a bit more maintenance, and they do not look so “high end” as a continuous plate.


One of expensive options for countertops is prefabricated granite countertops. In this case, granite of a large plate which is designed in another place. Slab granite is extremely difficult to install yourself, and almost always require professional installation, which increases costs. An extra cost when choosing slab granite is the cost to transport the granite into your home. On average, slab granite costs about $ 70 to $ 90 per square meter, including installation.

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