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Prefab fence panels is a freestanding structure that creates a limit for movement in the landscape, provide privacy or decorative improves a location. Choose your style of wooden fence depending on your needs. Cedar, Pressure-treated pine, grid, carob and Gran are just a sampling of the types of wood used to construct a wooden fence. Whether you build your fence from scratch or prefabricated panels, adding a fence a touch of home to your landscape.

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Prefab Fence PanelsSize: 1024 x 768

A fence is a variation on the fence, table and stringer style, which is a basic framework of at least two rails called stringers. These stringers parallel to the ground and run between vertical fence posts set in concrete or compacted gravel. The space between the guards varies as does the type of wood and the treatment you prefer. Painted or stained, choose a style of picket top to fit your home design. These choices of picket top finishes include angular or curved dog ear standard Gothic, English Gothic and French Gothic. The ubiquitous white picket fence generates a cottage feel to your yard. Build a fence piece-by-piece or buy prefab fence panels to adjust the vertical positions.

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Panel fence is usually used for privacy, with each vertical piece abutted to the next. The height of your fence is a personal choice and style of the vertical board. Buy prefab fence panels for installation between vertical 4 x 4 or 6 of the 6 positions set in concrete. Panel fence can be adjusted to follow the flat or sloping contour of your country. The panel tops drive straight between each item or cut into convex or concave shapes for another influence. Buy raw materials for your panel fence before setting your posts to ensure proper fit.


A good privacy prefab fence panels doing their job of letting light and air to keep the neighbor’s dog and looks out should stand about 6 feet tall. You may think that this height limits the number of options, but many different types of designs close protect your property and lock in style. You can also go with a traditional type of white picket fence allowing both light and air while still giving you privacy. These fences are durable. Also can keep your pets and small children. The messages are decorated with a variety of tapas, such as Gothic, colonial, New England and the pyramid. Picket Fence PVC can last up to 25 years longer than their wooden counterparts, but is much more expensive.

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