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Smart solar fountains – Sources solar are great way to enjoy the harmonious sounds of water and nature, while respecting our planet. They do not use electricity, but function of the energy they receive from sunlight through its solar panels special. These features of the garden fountains are very easy to configure. You have to put them together with the solar panel, the light sun directly to receive more of the sun’s energy. As for any garden fountain, we must take good care of our solar fountain, do not require any special maintenance and easy to do. Once a month, you can clean the container from algae that accumulate and deposit of minerals, with cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer of the source, to ensure that they will not damage the finish. The solar panel is a very important part of the source, without which it can not work, so you should also take time to clean it thoroughly, just clean it with a damp cloth, which would work without much effort.

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Smart solar fountains are not only an environmentally friendly option, it saves money on electricity bills and the cost to have a qualified electrician installs a traditional electric pump. Generally, the solar panels for the water fountains do not store energy; If there is no sunlight, driving the fountain with a lower rate or not at all. Place your fountain and its solar panels in a large area with direct sunlight.


A small, incremental smart solar fountains works great on a patio table or as a destination element at the end of a garden path. Fountains features bamboo sections engaged in flowing water gives an Asian feel to your landscape. A tiered fountain made of copper creates a drip fountain that simulates the sound of rain on a tin roof. Small tiered fountains may be entered on rainy days and in winter. Many are available with an AC adapter for indoor use. Pedestal fountains come with solar panels mounted on the bowl of the fountain or placed on a stake of up to 15 feet away. Pumps spurt helps aerate the water, which improves the health of the water and helps birds and other small animals drink from it. Pumps can be topped by a variety of fountain heads which spray in Bell and cup-shaped pattern.

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Smart solar fountains powered deicer units are fountains flowing into the winter season. Do not store the fountain outside in a snow or ice storm, but because your fountain can burst or solar panel can be damaged. A solar-powered fountain in your pond, swimming pool or spa creates a focal point in an otherwise-tranquil water feature. Additionally, fountain pumps in your pond to keep the water oxygenated for the fish that live there. Buy a solar-powered fountain pump that sprays a height that suits you. Smaller reservoirs, however, require less water spray to prevent water spurting out of the pool. Solar lights can be used around the edges of your fountain or submerged under water for upward light effects. These lights store energy and will last all night, as long as there was plenty of daylight to power. Solar-powered lights, however, emit less light than traditional incandescent bulbs.

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