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Cordless roman shade – The blinds Roman can provide the feeling soft curtains while providing a window covered controllable that open and closes easily. Many shops of home improvement and specialty stores offer Roman blinds and you can install them yourself in the day. For a more personalized look, you can order Roman blinds, also known as Roman shades, in various sizes, styles and colors. There are pros and cons associated with Roman shades, like most of the blinds.

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Roman Shades CordlessSize: 1024 x 682

Cordless Roman ShadesSize: 1024 x 683

Cordless Roman ShadeSize: 1024 x 682

Recognized for having a more sophisticated and elegant than most other blinds, cordless roman shade offer a lot of variety of styles. Different styles, such as teardrop style bent, and the variety of materials used to create Roman blinds offer a wide variety of choices for the consumer. When a special order of these blinds is made, consumers have an almost infinite number of color options and can match color samples to match any decor. The variety of style options also offers a huge advantage in appearance to the consumer. Roman shades also keep their attractive appearance when fully open. Pull lace curtain pushes the folds of the curtain to fold under the next fold, leaving an attractive pile on top of the window.

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Cordless roman shade offers a lot of privacy and light blocking. The fabric panels filter the sunlight to enter the room and prevent passersby see inside the house. For light blocking, most manufacturers offer special orders shadow blind, built with a special coating that blocks all light rooms that need a complete blackout. The room darkening option also prevents shadows from being outside at night when the lights are on in the room.


Although cordless roman shade is effective to block the view from outside a room, it has its drawbacks. Unlike mini-blinds, Roman blinds can not be opened to allow partial view in a room. The total length of the curtain can be lifted to the top of the window to allow light into the room, but doing so exposes the room to the outside. Although roman shade offer a stylish look, this type of blind is not suitable for rooms that have a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom. The steam shower can be trapped in the material of the shutter and cause the fabric to become damp or moldy. Roman blinds in the kitchen can also be a problem. The cooking smells can be caught in the fabric of the blinds, leaving a very strong odor that can not be easily removed. Fat and oil can also splash onto fabric Roman shades used in the kitchen, damaging the curtain material.

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