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Outside fire pit ideas – Fire pits appeal to many people in an elementary way. Controlling a fire awakens the senses. A fire pit is a gathering place for family and friends. A fire pit, sometimes, is a place to cook from elaborate meals to roast marshmallows. If you choose to include a fire pit in your backyard, observing all the rules for your area, as well as exercise commons safety measures. Build your own fire pit with rocks. Stones made for retaining walls make good building blocks for the fire pits because the fire pit is a special wall. You do not need any special skills to stack the stones. Start with a level area, covered with a couple of inches of sand. Manufacturers design the retaining wall blocks so you can stack them without much thought to figure out the specific placement. Get help to lift the stones because while it is easy to know where to place them, it may require some physical effort to place the stones. Make sure that each row rocks level. The Family Handyman recommends adding 4 inches of sand to the middle of the furnace to raise the level of the fire and make it easier to manage.

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Provide a place for you and your guests to sit and enjoy your outside fire pit ideas. Either builds a bench around the pit and seating away from the pit. The fireplace capstones can serve as a seating area. The Concrete Network recommends a height of 18 to 20 inches of the fireplace if you will sit on a ledge that surrounds it. A seating ledge is only suitable with large pits where you will be at a comfortable distance from the fire. Make fire 12 to 14 inches high if you want to create a separate seating area while making it convenient for people to put their feet up on the edge of the fireplace. You can buy seats, such as desks and chairs.

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In order to create a uniform appearance, build your own seat with material similar to what you used to make the outside fire pit ideas. For example, a stacked stone bench completes a stacked stone fireplace. Combine a fire pit with a grill and save space in your backyard. Build a fire pit or use a prefabricated fireplace; place a great over the top of the pit and turn your fireplace into a grill. For versatility, add a skewer.


Building outside fire pit ideas selects the type of wood wisely. The wood you use for cooking will add flavor to your food. Choose a timber that has a suitable illumination time and intensity, as well as something that will taste good. Popular cooking woods include hickory, mesquite and apple. Hickory is bold and robust, apple is sweet and fruity.

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