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Metallic epoxy flooring – These soils leave a really fascinating finish, leaving everything traditional as we shall see below, and, unlike soil in 3D, they all can install ourselves, buying the right products, and following the steps that we are going to give in this article, among other things. And, as said earlier, the great advantage, in addition to his impressive finish, is that it can apply expert hands or DIY enthusiasts, though of course, it is always recommended that the work performed by a professional.

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Metallic Epoxy FlooringSize: 1024 x 768

Metallic Epoxy FloorSize: 1024 x 768

But as I say, if you urge you decorate your metallic epoxy flooring in this way, here we leave some steps to install metallic epoxy floor. The first thing to do is prepare the surface where we will take the floor. It must be in perfect condition. Clean and healthy, without humidity, pollutants, chips, etc. Second, we apply the primer. This primer we sell in the store when we bought the product. The primer must be black or very dark. And once applied, we must let it dry for about 12 hours. Now we pass 100 grit sandpaper to sand the primer and perfectly clean the floor without leaving any rest, we hope, and if you had a microfiber cloth with denatured alcohol, much better.

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Now we prepare the product that will do the drawing and the final metallic epoxy flooring finish. This product is different in each firm. We can find catalyzed, catalyzed, three components, only two, etc. When we buy, the clerk advises us in this regard. As I said, we prepare a bucket ready to apply the product to the ground. To apply, we must go turning the cube across the surface, taking a little here a little there. Extract quantities is impossible to say because it depends on the surface to be treated and brand the product in question. The store clerk will know advise us when you ask.

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Once we have the product on the metallic epoxy flooring with the squeegee so we spreading across the surface until it is completely covered with the brush we will make the design at will. With some products, in addition to the squeegee, also we need rollers. Everything depends on the finish we want to leave and the product or brand you are using. Now that we have fully covered surface, let it dry for 5 to 14 days to be used normally and to step on our new ground.


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