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Claw foot tub faucet – Claw foot tub faucet can be compatible with several different types of taps, such as deck-mounted faucets that attaches to the bathtub lip, or even taps coming out of the wall. Before installing your claw foot tub faucet, you should check with your city on local plumbing codes to find out if they limit the location and type of faucet you use. The faucet you choose to install on your tub should come with its own set of instructions you should read as well. What you need : Plumber’s putty, Adjustable Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Allen (hex head) wrench , Pipe (Teflon) tape, Supply Leads.

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Turn off the water supply to the claw foot tub faucet. You must either find shutoff valves for tap water supply lines, which may be located in the wall behind the claw foot tub faucet, or in an unfinished basement under the claw foot tub faucet. If you can not find the valves close the house main water valve.

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Install faucet on the tub. If the vessel has tap holes, spread a layer of plumber’s putty on both sides of the faucet deck plate and slide deck plate over the underside of the claw foot tub faucet before inserting the faucet into the holes. Thread union nuts on the underside of the claw foot tub faucet, tightening with a wrench. If the tap is freestanding, you must thread the tap pipe on water supply pipes in the floor. If the tap is in the vessel wall, wire tap components of the pipes in the wall and secure the screws with screws.


Wrap pipe tape around the threads on the underside of the claw foot tub faucet, if your claw foot tub faucet is a deck-mounted model. Thread supply lines on the underside of the claw foot tub faucet. Tighten the supply cables’ connections on the underside of the tap by means of a basin wrench and screw connections onto the water supply valve by means of a pair of channel locks. Restore water to the tap either by turning the shut-off valves’ handles counterclockwise, or by opening the house’s main water valve slowly. Turn on hot and cold water to the tap to test for leaks.

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