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Fiberstone planters – The pots fiberglass and resin are a great alternative to other types of pots to beautify your home, garden, patio or a terrace. These types of pots are one of the most decorative options used by experts in the field. You can find it in market gardening. As great solution to decorate all your spaces, here you have some of the characteristics of both are arranged. The pots fiberglass and resin combine functionality and aesthetics you want to give.

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Fiberstone PlantersSize: 1024 x 632

Fiberstone PlanterSize: 1024 x 751

Both are very versatile pots. Since they pose a material easy to mold and shape. In addition you can paint both materials with any dye you want. Finally I mention that you can carve even both materials … customize fiberstone planters as you like! Both types of pots are lightweight and easy to transport. Therefore they are become much lighter pots than others, such as those that are made of clay. Furthermore pots such as glass and resin worked, they become a very durable material. Its high resistance makes it perfect to last a long time. Although this type of glass and resin, are completely different materials both share strength, durability and aesthetic change you want.

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The only difference is that the resin is a synthetic material and fiberstone planters are a processed natural inorganic material. But both types of pots are pretty cheap and you can use them to put them inside or outdoors. On the other hand, both types of pots are great to withstand weather conditions with great contrasts. The temperature and humidity will not be a problem. As with some corrosive substances. Equally so with the sun, as they are resistant to it and the colors and designs that have formed will not be erased and deform over time. In between the wide variety of pots that are in the common market, we can find fiber cement, fiberglass, plastic, cement and clay.

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These pots last long and share the same advantages and disadvantages as plastic pots in respect to moisture, temperature and weight. The Principe disadvantage is reflected in the price, as they are usually between 8 and 10 times more expensive than before. According to the form, the rounds are the most convenient because they allow better distribution of water within the substrate. But if aesthetics or place fiberstone planters do not allow this, any form will also be welcome. They are the most because they are the most economical and retain more moisture.


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