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Pressed tin backsplash -Many do it yourself homeowners focus its efforts in the kitchen when they look to make improvements. Install a new pressed tin backsplash above is a perfect project in this regard. It is relatively inexpensive and can make a significant difference in the appearance of the kitchen. A pressed tin backsplash tin is among the easiest to install.

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Use sandpaper to smooth and level the part of the wall on which the pressed tin backsplash will be installed. This will also rough up the surface to allow for better adhesion. Clean the walls well and let them dry completely. Measure the area you want to cover with tin backsplash and mark places for any cutouts such as electrical outlets. Use tin snips to cut the tin according to your measurements. Use gloves to protect your hands from cuts on edges of the tin. Spread Liquid Nails or a similar construction adhesive to the back of the pressed tin sheet. Align the tin sheets in place on the wall and push them against the wall to set the glue.

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Use finishing nails in the corners and on the overlapping joints. Use a nail set when you do this to leaving any hammer marks on the tin. Apply a bead of sealant along the edge where the tin sheet meets the bench to complete the installation. Faux tin backsplashes create the look of pressed tin backsplash to a fraction of the cost. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, faux tin creating a reflective surface that makes your kitchen appear larger. This pressed tin backsplash gives a textured look that makes it more aesthetically pleasing and can work in a variety of vegetable themes and architectural styles.


Installation is a breeze and requires only a few supplies. As is customary with tile backsplash job, start in the middle of the pressed tin backsplash area if you use faux tin tiles. This will allow you to have a uniform appearance. If you need to cut perimeter tiles to a smaller height or width, you cut the top and bottom, or side, the tiles on the same measurement as the plates will not be off-centered. Begin in the left corner of the wall if you are using the roll. Cover up the seams in the corners of the wall with plastic or wooden molding.Faux tin backsplashes can be installed with the help of rollers or plates. Rolls give a faster installation, if you only need to cover a wall lacking disorders, such as switches or electrical outlets.

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