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Replacement futon mattress – A double futon bed gives you a bed for overnight guests. The bed frame is made up of small pine boards that you screw together. The pine boards are strong enough to support the weight of the futon mattress, like any sitting or lying on it. Use ready futon bed frame as a replacement for the bed in your own bedroom or as a new bed frame for your room or office, creating a cheap alternative to a store-bought futon.

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This is instructions to replacement futon mattress with double futon combination. First, place all your pine and wood panels down and the sand on the tops, sides and bottoms with fine sandpaper. And then, put all the wooden boards on a plastic tarp. Dip a brush into a can of paint and wipe off the excess paint on the lip of the jar. Apply a thin layer of color to each wooden board. After the paint dries, turn the boards over and apply color on the back. Set the two pine boards about 35 inches apart. The two boards serve as the sides of your futon frame. Each board should sit level and equidistant from each other. The panels are 75 inches long, 6 inches wide and 2 inches thick.

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After replacement futon mattress, arrange one of the smaller 1-inch-thick slices on top of the longer side boards. Place the board on top of the side boards so that 2 inches of each board overhangs the edges of each side board. Place a second thin board on top of the two side boards with edges overhanging the sides. Keep a 2-inch wood screws on the top of one of the shorter boards. Tighten the screws with an electric screwdriver until the screw goes through both boards and flush with the wood. Repeat this step at the opposite end of this short board and then again with the top board.


Space the remaining thin boards over the top of the side boards. Sink 2-inch wood screws through each end of the board, where the board meets side card. Attach each board on the side board with the edges hanging slightly. This creates a basic frame of replacement futon mattress result. For your tips, for a queen or double futon frame, you must increase the size of the frame. That’s a simple steps to construct double futon combination.

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