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Firewood holder indoor – A firewood holder indoor is useful when stacking firewood in the house by the furnace or peisen. This is allow wood to be contained neatly in one place and not scattered about that when they are stacked on gullet. Stand 2 feet long, 2 feet high, and 12 inches wide, made of 1/2 inch galvanized steel water pipe, makes a sturdy wooden rack that can be placed in the house and does not take up much space. What you need? 4-24 inch galvanized steel water pipe, 1/2 inch diameter, 6-12 inch galvanized steel water pipe, 1/2 inch diameter,8 – 1/2 inch ell joints,2 – 1/2 inch rørfagforeninger, 2 – medium size Pipe.

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Instructions to make firewood holder indoor: First, Screw one ell joint at each end of two of the 24 inch.Tvinn ell joints on tight finishing with the openings of all four ell joints facing upward steadily. Second, spin the remaining two 24 inch pipes into ell joints in one of the 24 inch pipe and screw them ned.Skru one ell joint on top of each of the standing 24 inch pipe; tighten both ell joints after treatment with openings in both point in the same direction. Screw a 12 inch tubes in each of the two ell joints on the other 24 inch tube and screw down. Fourth, attach 12-inch pipes to each of the preamble to the ends of the 24-inch upright pipe and screw them into the ell leddene.Skru one ell joint on the ends of these two 12-inch pipe, tighten them and finish with the openings of both ell joints facing down.

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Fifth, spin a 12 inch tubes in each of the downward facing ell joint and tighten them. Sixth, attach half of each tube union to the ends of the downward facing twelve inch pipe, screw them in and tighten. Spin the other half of the pipe unions of the 12 inch pipe that is attached to the second 24 inch pipe, turn them tight. Take the two halves of the joints together and screw them together and stram.Stativet is complete and will stand on its own ben.Stativet can spray painted with metal grade paint.


Tips & warnings to make firewood holder indoor: Use the two Pipes tightening all leddene.Låse a wrench on the pipe taking the connection and use the second wrench to tighten the linkage or stir until it is tight or in the correct position. Then, pipe unions are made in two separate parts, a male and female montering.Feste part of a pipe and the other part to the opposite tube, screw them into each other to join the two tubes together. And be careful when using tongs, not tight fitting together as this can cause the teeth in key jaws to tear up the pipe leaving the ugly with rough edges that need to be innlevertned to avoid cuts when the rack is handled.

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