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Flower bed edger -One of the hardest parts of making a new flower bed edger in the lawn is the removal of the edger. If you’re not in a hurry, you can use a simpler procedure called “lasagna gardening” or “sheet composting.” It is simply a matter of layers of suitable materials at the right time, so the edger decomposes and becomes the perfect base for a new flower bed. Make your lasagna bed in the fall while the materials are abundant. By the spring will be ready for planting.

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Mark the edges of the new flower bed edger, using a hose, rope or spray paint. Cut a 2 – inch wide trench in the lawn area 3 to 4 inches deep, using shovel or edger. Spreadsheets newspaper throughout the area. They should be about seven to eight sheets thick. Do not use glossy ads; use traditional role of black and white newspaper. You can also use a single layer of cardboard. Both are biodegradable and help in the process of decomposition.

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Of the paper material water thoroughly. Add at least 6 inches of cleaning sheets fall on top of newspaper or cardboard. Small leaves decompose rapidly not have to be crushed. Oak leaves decompose slowly and should be shredded first for best results. Unless you live in a heavily wooded area, this may be a good time to visit neighbors and offer to withdraw its raked leaves.


Add a few centimeters from the cut grass mowing saved summer. The herb can be partially decomposed. Sprinkle blood meal, compost or compost activator lightly over the area to speed up the process of decomposition. Water the area strongly to start the decomposition and keep the leaves blowing in the wind. Cover with one or two inches of bark mulch if you want to improve aesthetics. This step is optional, but if you do not get snow cover in their region to hide all, lasagna bed can be a bit of an eyesore.

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Wait for spring to plant their flowers or seeds, as the new flower bed edger is ready for use. While some compost material may not be fully decomposed, the lawn should be dead. You can add a little vegetable to planting immediate places if desired land. Do not underestimate the amount of materials needed. A box garden of 100 square meters requires large amounts of newspapers, grass clippings and leaves. So do not run out of material, start with a small area first and assess the amount of materials you have on hand before committing to a large area.

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