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Clawfoot tub shower rod – Clawfoot bathtubs are beautiful pieces of bathroom hardware, but their shape and their independence from the bathroom wall creates difficulties when it comes to a shower curtain. Unlike a conventional built-in shower or bath combination, which only requires a straight curtain, has a clawfoot tub shower curtain to go all the way around the tub to prevent water from getting into the walls and floors. To do this you need a curtain rod that extends all the way around the tub. Buy four pieces of metal pipe or rod, two of which are approximately equal to the length of your clawfoot tub, and two of these are approximately equal to its width. Connect these four pieces of metal in the corners using wire or hose clamps to create a rectangle that is roughly the same size and shape as your bathtub.

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Make your own L-shaped clawfoot tub shower rod is a good way to create a customized curtain rod, and may end up being a lot cheaper than buying an L-shaped rod, or have a plumber install one. You can use simple copper to make a curtain rod, and you do not have to do any welding or have any plumbing experience to get the job done.

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Measure the outer edge of a clawfoot tub shower rod hand basin and end where you want the “L” curtain rod to go. Add an inch to the measurement of the length and width so you can make the rod will be slightly larger than the tub or shower basin. Cut two pieces of copper pipe to length and width measurements are taken using pipe cutters or a hacksaw.  Insert the end of the length piece to one side of a three-way pipe fitting, and end of the piece the width of the other side, with the remaining opening up. This will make a corner, and gives you the “L” for the curtain rod.


Install clawfoot tub shower rod, measure down from the ceiling to the height you want the curtain rod to hang, and cut a third piece of copper tubing to this length. Put this piece upright in the third port of the three-way. Insert a mounting flange on the free end of the length, width and height of the upright tubes, and connect the flanges to the pipes with screws supplied flanges. Hold the curtain rod over the bathtub or shower basin in place, with your helper to help. The flange of the upright rod should sit flat on the roof, with flanges on the ends of the length and width moving flat on their walls.

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