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Noise blocking curtains – The windows are the eyes of our home and our main source of natural light! So it is not surprising that we like or graduate decorate the entry of light depending on the stay of the home that is. In this course, we learn to control the temperature through the curtains, gain privacy and select the right type of curtain to stay and our windows Would you bring forth the most decorative and functional match! Some companies like to have curtains blocking heard sound to reduce noise from neighboring businesses or to keep their own noise inch sound blocking curtains also work well in apartment buildings where there is a lot of noise from the street.

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You can make your own curtains sound-blocking if you choose the type of fabric. Choose velvet noise blocking curtains, especially if you want your curtains for a stylish look, as for a business. Velvet comes in all sorts of colors and thicknesses. Lock protection for additional sound, choose the heaviest velvet can find. However, note that the velvet attracts every little speck of dust and is a bit difficult to work. You should also ensure that tissue nap goes in the same direction when two pieces of velvet sewn together.

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Most people recognize brocade fabric use in theatrical productions. Theaters often used brocade curtains for the stage, not only because the fabric is quite opaque, but also because it is very heavy. This fabric noise blocking curtains of the audience area behind the stage and vice versa. You can choose from a wide variety of brocades in both texture and color. Brocade makes a good choice for home when you want to block street noise as it is a relatively elegant fabric. In addition, it is an easy fabric to work, especially for those who do not have much experience in sewing.


Add some insulation to your existing curtains to help reduce noise. Insulation material can be found at the fabric store and is specifically used in window treatments. You can make separate isolation curtains and simply cut or fix insulation curtains already have. This helps to reduce noise and keep costs down fabric. Insulation fabric comes in primarily white, cream or black colors, but if you hang the panels behind the curtains or existing curtains, no one will see them anyway. You can also use this fabric isolation, if you want to make new noise blocking curtains. Adding insulation blocks more noise and makes your space even more peaceful. Just use the isolation, as if it were a fabric lining.

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