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For years, the open floor plan ideas or open concept is trend in decorating homes. All those who have followed decoration programs that proliferate in recent times, have been found as most participants are looking for a home with open areas and open kitchen and dining area . There are many reasons that can lead a person to choose this type of design for modern living, in this article we explain why.

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Open concept, open floor plan ideas, open areas … There are many terms used to describe this decorative trend in the design of the structure of a house. We can say that a house open concept is one that maintains part of his stays together without walls in between. Above all, it is common dining room, living room and kitchen. These three environments in the open concept also often create what we call Living room and refers to the “public” area of the house. In lofts or studios with few square meters, we can find that the bedroom is integrated in this space, being the only room with bathroom physical separation. The separation between the different environments usually done by furniture, carpeting, color or even lighting, but never with walls. The most that can be used in case of need are pillars or columns.

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One of the designs where open floor plan ideas or open treads is stronger in small apartments, lofts or studios. The explanation is quite simple: an open space helps us to expand the space, because without walls in between, it is much easier to make space visually seem larger. If a floor is already small in itself, encasing space all we will do is lose square footage with walls and corridors. By putting the different environments in one place, you gain space and mobility.


Able to cook in the same space where our children play or do their homework, it is also one of the major reasons why many people prefer this type of open floor plan ideas .This not only promotes the relationship between members of the same family, also enables the person in charge of cooking dinner with friends not feel marginalized alone in the kitchen. Being able to talk to the guests, also you gain in quality of life.  For taste there is nothing written, that’s why not everyone likes this type of distribution. For example, one of the most common criticisms is that the smoke and the smell of what we cook more easily expanded by the rest of the house.

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