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Pavers Vs stamped concrete – When you are looking to complete your patio, sidewalk or entryway, two popular options stamped concrete and brick pavers. Each type of flooring gives its own unique feel to your outdoor space. Although similar in appearance, they are completely different in the material they are made of and the amount of raw materials used.

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Stamped concrete is concrete that has been poured and stamped while wet to form patterns similar to bricks or pavers? When the concrete is poured and stamped with a polyurethane seal. Some stamps are texture, creating a look that is closer to the appearance of natural brick and flagstone. Stamped concrete is one of the least inexpensive coating materials for patios, walkways, driveways and pool deck. Installation is usually easy, too, so labor costs are usually kept low. As a result, many homeowners on a budget opt for stamped concrete over the slate, flagstone, brick or paving stones, because it can be used to mimic the appearance of these materials at a lower price.

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Brick pavers are individual bricks used for patios, floors and pavements. The materials are dried and ground, then sieved with vibrating separator. Other materials are added to improve form ability of the brick material. All bricks are extruded, cast or machine made by hand. Cost Stamped concrete and brick pavers are relatively close in price for materials, labor and finish work, such as sealants. According to concrete ideas, concrete is sold for $ 80 to $ 200 per cubic yard.  The labor to add a patio will be similar for both materials, making the cost like.


Maintenance pavers Vs stamped concrete, Brick pavers are normally much smaller than stamped concrete slab. They are more prone to crumbling, cracking and fading if they are left unsealed. Low gloss, semi-gloss and high-gloss sealant is o seal bricks to preserve the material in two to three years at a time. Concrete slabs, stamped concrete sealed shortly after pouring during the curing phase. These sealants can prevent cracking and chipping, as well as for early voting of the rebar embedded in cement.

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Considerations Pavers Vs stamped concrete, take into account the type of look and feel that you plan for your landscape before committing to brick pavers or stamped concrete. If you want an old-fashioned feel, tend bricks to produce a more retro feel than stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is good for projects like the pool patios, where a certain structure may be desirable without additional trip-ups of real brick.

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