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Pinch pleated curtains – Choosing curtains can be overwhelming fabrics, lengths, layers and functions to present an infinite number of options. One way to sort through the confusion is to define the curtains by the way they hang. That determines their shape, how they work with windows and room decor, and even the possible fabric choices.

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Pinch Pleated CurtainsSize: 1024 x 768

Pinch Pleat CurtainsSize: 1024 x 768

Pleats where are the curtains, have become more formal. Pleated curtains can be made of heavier drapery fabric and rich taffetas and silks for bedrooms, living room and dining room. Pencil pleats, a series of very closely packed, longer pleat of the curtain. A light to medium weight fabrics hold the narrow folds. Box pleats are flat, rectangular folds, widely separated and very formal and plain looking. French pleats deliver very orderly folds without being minimalist and austere. The fabric is folded up in groups of three folds with a wide, flat separation between the groups. The curtains are elaborate but not flirty they are full but fall very neatly. This style can be used with silk taffeta and heavier, embroidered material with equal success. French pleats also called pinch pleated curtains.

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Beside pinch pleated curtains is roller blinds fabric has tabs on the top edge of the curtain, which slide on a curtain rod. The tabs can match or contrasting fabric, leather, plastic or tape binding. These are really simple and casual curtains and can be whipped up in no time. A soft fabric will pull open and closed easily; a rigid organza may sit as a panel over the window. Grommets or eyelets are metal rings embedded in the upper portion of the curtain that slides over the rod. Grommets are another simple treatment that can be very modern in a plain canvas or modern geometric print. Cafe curtains cover the lower half of the window and hang from rings, which slide over the curtain rod.


Another pinch pleated curtains style is gathered curtains are full, constructed with a header tape about an inch or so down from the top. When their cords pulled, the curtains gathered folds down to open and let in the soft folds when closed. These are one of the most common curtain styles and are quite informal. Nested or slotted curtains use a tube or slit the fabric on the backside of the curtain that slides over the curtain rod. They are not intended to open and close, but can be divided in the middle and tied back with curtain pulls.

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