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Polka dot duvet cover – Today we are going to present a series of cheap duvet covers and modern design we want to help decorate your bedroom with our models of duvet covers for bed. We present a series of models of embroidered quilts, printed quilts, and duvet covers youth. I loved this project to customize the bedding children’s rooms. Children love to draw and exhibit their works, so why not surprise them by giving them a patterned quilt with their own creations.

Posted on January 9, 2017 Home Inspiration


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This polka dot duvet cover is the home of a mother who knew his son Daniel would love this idea. If it seems too ambitious, he thinks that can be applied to hundreds of products in smaller scale: placements, curtains, shirts, cushions. Cold have already returned and overnight we are bundled to the teeth, looking back I remember those nights buried in blankets that you could not even move, horrible !!, but fortunately now it is more practical to making the bed is easier with this invention. Well then, you should put a cover to our Nordic to the cleaners so you do not have to take every bit of time and this is what today’s tutorial is like making a adapted to your Nordic, which also suits your taste and to put the icing on the cake, that such matching cushions?

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When I found this DIY I thought “I’ll be you could have appeared a year ago!!” because surely it would have been faster to find one we liked them both because we had purchased white. I leave you with step by step to paint a polka dot duvet cover for your bed or that of your children or do not, for your parents and grandparents. I told you about the combo linen with wood here, and every time I see a room Nordic-Scandinavian style with linen duvet cover eyes makes me childbirths, pirouettes and even triple somersault.


I love the naturalness, freshness off, it’s simple elegance polka dot duvet cover that makes a room for the feet view, and above all, its silky touch and comfortable to dream of the Arabian Nights. Despite being a very distinctive fabric of summer times (it is a natural material that comes from a plant and retains moisture), I think as textiles and decor accompanying can be a suitable fabric for colder months, so if someone else is encouraged to buy it or you already have at home.

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