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Decorative baseboard heater covers – In this article we will review decorative baseboard heater covers. Decorative baseboard heater covers can be fused together through a lamination process also called laminate flooring. Laminate flooring simulates wood (or stone) with a photographic applique layer under a clear protective coat. Melamine resin and fiber board material is what usually consists of a core layer. For ease of tile installation will sometimes come up with the support of glue. When compared with carpet, laminate has the advantages of being durable and attractive. It is also considered a bargain compared to most other natural flooring materials.

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Homeowners like the fact that decorative baseboard heater covers is relatively easy to install. Decorative baseboard heater covers will often come in packages of a number of tongue and groove boards-they can be clicked to one another. When installed, this pole will typically “float” above the sub-floor above the underlayment foam or film. This will provide moisture and sound producing properties. Between the floor and every moving object, such as a wall there should be a small (1 to 10mm) gap. This will allow for laminate flooring to expand unhindered.

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For a neater finish you can remove the edge (skirting boards) and then reinstall decorative baseboard heater covers before and after laying the floor for a neater finish, or you can enter the small bead trims to the baseboard (skirting boards). You will need a chainsaw cutting around the edges, and around cupboards and entrance. It is important that you keep such a clean floor. Dust, dirt, and sand particles can scratch decorative surfaces from time to time in any high traffic areas. One important thing to remember is that you will need to keep relatively dry laminate flooring. Water / moisture can cause the board to swell, unless they have a water resistant coating, and even that will only take so much.


Water spill need not be a concern if wiped quickly and do not sit for long periods. Most often decorative baseboard heater covers is made from melamine resin which is a compound made with formaldehyde. This has led to increasing concern about indoor air quality of the release of volatile organic compounds from building materials with formaldehyde. However, the resin material is believed to have significantly lower emissions of particle board and other materials where formaldehyde has been used. There is some laminate flooring (parador PROair) that will use a chemical process to reduce and neutralize the formaldehyde emissions throughout the life of the floor.

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