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Stressless chair review – Do you have a Stressless in the living room? Then it will take many more Chinese people who envy you. For China’s Stressless a status symbol as wealthy Chinese digs deep into your pocket to acquire. Whereas typical Stressless costs around 15,000 in Norway, a Chinaman out with far more than 50,000 kroner in store in Shanghai. In Shanghai, which is one of the densely populated areas with the highest salaries in the giant country, the average salary estimated at $ 10,000 a year – or about typical Stressless model costs. And salary in Shanghai is far higher than in the rest of China.

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Marketing Director Runar Haugen confirmed to E24 that China is a market where the price level of a comfortable chair is significantly higher than in Norway. Norway is the market where the price is lowest, says Haugen. Haugen says this has a connection with what part of the market you sights set on. In Norway, Stressless chair review a product for the mass market, while the scope is limited in China. Will show that they are spending money. In addition, there are quite a few Chinese who have become wealthy and who wants to spend money.

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Those people who have a lot of money will certainly use them in a way that shows that they have a lot of money. Over there it is allowed to prove that you have a lot of money, says Haugen. Stressless is very widespread and exclusively in the Chinese market. We see the same in other European goods such as cars, says Haugen. Haugen says sales of Stressless chair review in China still modest in scope and much of the extra high cost goes away in distribution and other costs on the way to the Chinese customers. To be honest, it is not the Chinese market so important to us, says Haugen.


China is not the only country where Stressless chair review, and other European products, is sought after and achieves higher prices than in the domestic market. Often, Norwegian and European goods to exclusive and sought after among the more affluent says Haugen. And when will you begin to focus on the mass market in China?  It’s about making sure we are able to make the brand known and more accessible to ordinary people. Do that enough at some point, but not the first three to five years, says Haugen.

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