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Lighted magnifying mirror – Light up makeup mirrors are useful, especially when someone will face an audience during a presentation or a performance where they need to apply make up in detail. In the earlier days, these mirrors limited to dressing rooms where big yellow bulbs line the edge of the mirror. It still exists, but there is more compact and energy efficient versions, and some designs are slim enough to fit in a handbag. Knowing the different styles can help you choose the best for you. Here are some varieties of light up form mirrors:

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Wall-lighted magnifying mirror. For use in the powder room or bedroom, fitted wall lighted make up mirrors is the best choice. Yellow bulbs are no longer used, while fluorescent lamps are more commonly used because they are brighter, energy efficient and do not emit too much heat. Most are round, with a round fluorescent bulb on the edge of the mirror. Some manufacturers use light emitting diodes (LEDs), which are lighter and uses less energy. During one like this requires little counter space and makes applying makeup easier.

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Compact lighted mirror. There are several types of compact lighted mirrors. The larger ones are rectangular and similar small enclosures – inside both doors and the middle part are mirrors. Usually, light placed on both sides of the central mirror, adjacent to the side mirrors. This compact design can be brought when traveling in a suitcase. There is sleek design for compact lighted mirrors that can fit in a handbag, and looks more like a compact makeup kit. There are also hand-held versions. LED technology makes it possible to produce small type, as these may be battery operated and produce light as intense as much fluorescent light bulb.


Investing in a lighted mirror is a good move, especially for women who find it necessary to put on makeup. These kinds of lighted magnifying mirror are also useful for plucking eyebrows and put on facial remedies. Most of these have a 1x magnification and at least 3x magnification optical quality on the other hand. Magnification helps especially in the use of eye makeup. Fluorescent lamps do not produce much heat, so you do not sweat while applying makeup. These lighted makeup mirrors are for sale at online stores like and other sites. Rates may vary from less than $ 25 to more than one hundred dollars, depending on the size and light technology used. Most of these are plugged into an outlet. The smaller is battery operated. Lys may be replaced with new ones, which are also available on the market.

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