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Fireplace heat reflector – A plain or decorative single or multiple-panel removable fireplace heat reflector — typically made of brushed stainless steel — sitting behind four log rack / Rive against the back wall of your firebox and reflect heat back into a room. In addition to reflecting the heat shields is also the rear wall and / or the sidewalls of your fire-box from the extreme heat and hot ash / creosote, which may result in deterioration of the brick and mortar. In order to clean the reflector needs simply to remove it from the combustion chamber and the drying or loosen soot and / or creosote coating the mirror surface.

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Instructions to clean a fireplace heat reflector: First, remove and set aside the screen fireplaces and fire log rack / grill. Second, pull fireplace heat reflector from the back of the firebox. Loosen any hooks attach your reflector to the combustion chamber. If you have a flat reflector, grasp the sides, side handles or corner holes and carefully pull from the combustion chamber and down the chimney. If you have a three-side reflector, understand the side panels and slowly slide reflector out of the box to enter the chimney. Third, fill your first spray bottle with hot water to use to remove loose ash and dust. Fill a second bottle with one part water and one part white vinegar to use as a cleaner for removing thick soot, creosote.

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Spray a hot water spray across the major reflective surface and then wipe with a damp, lint-free microfiber cloth to remove soot. Place the first cloth in your pool / bin and repeat this process until you have removed most of the soot. Repeat the process again with another reflector parts — the back of the reflective panel, legs, feet and any decorative pieces. Fifth, spray your vinegar solution to any areas stained with thick soot, creosote and / or stripes and wait 15 minutes. Sixth, apply vinegar to a microfiber cloth and dry spots until the material breaks away from the metal.


Wipe all surfaces thoroughly with your soft microfiber cloths and then return reflector and log rack / grille and fireplace screen. Tips & warnings to clean fireplace heat reflector: First, when dealing with stubborn stains, use a soft brush to wear / break-up of stains. Spray cleaner on the stain and then brush across the top of the stain. If you need to brush metal brush in the direction of the grain to protect against surface scratches. If the brush does not break up the stain, use a non-abrasive professional brand cleaning solution to treat spots and then try to brush. Repeat treatment / brushing until staining material releases from the metal.

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