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Loose lay vinyl plank – Vinyl flooring is more inexpensive than wood and easier to install. The planks are available in a variety of wood tones. Homeowners can display their creative by mixing and matching colors to create borders and patterns. The floor floating on the floor and it is designed to lie flat. The pattern of the floor may look similar to other types of vinyl flooring but the flooring material is thicker with a fiberglass backing to keep vinyl surfaces. The floor is not difficult to install level subfloor, flat, over a smooth. Even as long as the existing floor is in good condition, you can install the floor for up to two layers of existing vinyl floor.

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Instructions to lose lay vinyl plank: First, vacuum the subfloor or existing vinyl floor to remove all dirt and gravel. Scrub the floor with soap and water. Dry the floor completely. Make any repairs to the floor as the popped nail, cuts or holes, so the floor is clean, smooth and slick. Bring your roller loose lay vinyl plank flooring in the house close to where you want to install the floor at least 48 hours before installation, so the floor can adapt to the climate in the house. Second, using a hammer or pry bar, remove the existing quarter round trim in the room.

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Third, scroll vinyl flooring. This type of floor is limited to a room which is 25 square meters without bending. Floors bigger than this, or configured to require stitches, must use a different type of flooring. Fourth, place the floor, so that most of the floor is flat and floors are flush with the walls. Cut floors, as 2 inches of the floor continues up the walls, cabinets, fixtures. Make incisions to facilitate floors on the corners and rounded furniture. Fifth, cut vinyl with a vinyl floors trimmer. These are often available for rent. This tool cuts the vinyl one per eight inch away from the baseboards, cabinets and other obstacles.

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Use a utility knife, if trimming is not available. The floor must not touch any wall, cabinet or obstacle and the floor should be one per eight inch evenly from all objects. Last, cut an acrylic double-sided tape width doorways and apply the tape under the edge of the floor by doorways and transitions. Install new quarter round trim above the floor so the floor never touches trim or caulk around the floor, using a permanently flexible silicone caulk. And your loose lay vinyl plank flooring was finished.


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