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Traverse drapery rods works on a system that opens both left and right side drapery or sheers at the same time, allowing for light or privacy control while symmetry window treatments. Sometimes you need routine maintenance to be performed on Traversing drapery rods so they stay in full operation and slides smoothly.

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Look for places where the traverse drapery rod is bent and disturbing images. Use pliers to pry the metal back to its original position so the pictures can easily slip. Remove and replace any broken, cracked or damaged images. Remove the traverse drapery rods down and place it face down on a flat surface such as a table or a bench. Cut and remove the existing cable from the rod.


Starting on the left side of the traverse drapery rods and thread the cord from the bottom of the drapery rod so that it goes over the top of the first pulley and into the drapery rod. Thread the string under the slides and feed it back up through the first hole on the left of the master carrier – the mechanism that pulls the drapes open or closed. Tie a knot at the end of the cord so that it cannot be pulled out of the master carrier. Pull any slack until the knot rests against the main carrier.

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Find other end of the cord and feed it between the two pulleys on the left side. Enter the wand over the controls and the first main carrier. Pull cord up through the first hole to the left on the second major support. Press the cord through the hole to the right of the main carrier. Thread the string in the second group of slides and slip it between the two pulleys at the right edge of the bar. Pull the cord out of the bottom of the bar and then back up as it is threaded onto the lower pulley and out the top of the rod. Slide down from the top so it is threaded over the top pulley and back into the drapery rod. Pull the cord in the images, according to the first main carrier, and timber up through the hole to the right of the next master carrier. Tie a knot in the end of the cord so that it cannot be pulled back out of the main carrier

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