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Electric hydronic baseboard heaters have become very common in domestic areas and other environments, it was only around 1960s and 1970s that they were first introduced inside houses to heat room within household work process of an electric baseboard heater is very simple; It takes in cool air from room, heats it in and throw it back as hot air, which then rises and circulates around room to keep it warm, cool air is drawn into heating component of heater, which has a number of metal around it is best place to put an electric baseboard heater under a window, so that heater takes in cool air coming through window.

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Electric hydronic baseboard heaters are otherwise known as hot water baseboard heaters, and even if they do same warmth job as electric baseboard heaters, heating process is different, is reason that electric baseboard heaters heat house room by room, while hydronic baseboard heaters use central heating by hot water pipes located under-floor rooms of house are heated together and there is even heat in every room. Waterborne baseboard heaters use of radiation to warm up environment, unlike their electrical counterparts that utilize convection since warm air rises into room through floor, then you will no longer have to walk barefoot on cold floors of Europe is country that uses waterborne baseboard heaters.

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Electric hydronic baseboard heaters are considered to be highly effective in comparison with other types of heaters that run on other than air flow or water These include gas heaters such as kerosene and propane heaters, and stoves that burn wood to generate heat. heating process used by baseboard heaters have their own advantages and disadvantages main advantage is that in case of electric baseboard heaters, air is not forced in and out, because dust and other particles are not blown throughout house and environment does not become too dry as a result of this, because these heaters help with asthma and other allergies or respiratory problems, because there is no dirt or dust involved.

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On other hand, is biggest drawback of electric hydronic baseboard heaters that because of lack of forced air, taking environment longer to heat up or cool down another drawback applies electric baseboard heaters in particular; even if equipment electric baseboard heaters are known for their low cost and air they produce are dirt free and very healthy, is power they need most expensive among all resources required by other types of heaters ie natural gas, oil and wood


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