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White subway tile bathroom – Subway ring has a long rectangular shape as a brick and installed line by line. Each row typically is offset from the line above and below it. If your bathroom has white subway tile and tile boundaries, you can spruce up the room with carefully chosen colors, lighting, hardware and cabinets. White subway tiles are bright and fresh, but some earth tone accessories can heat up your room design. Subway tiles gained notoriety in 1904, when the New York Subway system opened, and the walls were covered with classic white tiles about 3 inches wide and 6 inches long. The plate was durable and easy to clean, and soon be a popular choice in homes of that era. Subway tiles have had resurgence. And while white remains the color most associated with subway tile, it is now available in a variety of shades, glazes and materials like glass and natural stone.

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Wood cabinet, to belittle the stark white subway tile bathroom walls and border, add wooden cabinets to bathroom design. Choose trees that have a soft warm vibe as maple, birch or oak nature. Avoid wood cabinets that are too dark as ebony or walnut if you do not want your bathroom to have a black-and-white effect.


Modern hardware, choose modern hardware that complements your white subway tile bathroom and border. For a modern look, choose a brushed nickel towel racks or a shiny silver-framed sink mirror. To harmonize with rustic or country motifs, select wrought iron handles or knobs for your cabinets. Select a shower head stainless steel sink and faucet for a streamlined, elegant look.

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Earth-tone accessories, Add earth-tone accessories for bathroom design to contrast with a crisp, cool white subway tile bathroom and border. Choose soft plush decorative towels in chocolate brown, suede or deep gold, and place them in visible areas of the room. Buy a clean brown or light brown shower curtain which has a solid uniform color, a simple stripe or small pattern. Add a comfortable throw rug to the middle of the room.


White subway tile bathroom tile border, warm lighting, and incorporate warm lighting in your bathroom design using 40-watt or 60-watt soft white bulbs in your light fixtures. Avoid high-wattage halogen or fluorescent lamps that make a white bathroom feel crisp and cold. If you have a vaulted ceiling, buy a brushed nickel or wrought iron chandelier with low wattage bulbs exposed. Place candles around the bathroom and install a dimmer switch for your overhead lighting. If you have a large bathroom, you can install recessed lighting in the ceiling.

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